Publish date25 Jun 2022 - 8:51
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Hamas vows supporting Lebanese maritime borders against Israeli atrocities

Political bureau of Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has expressed support for Lebanon against the Israeli regime atrocities on Lebanese maritime borders.
Hamas vows supporting Lebanese maritime borders against Israeli atrocities
Ismail Haniyeh made the comment after a meeting with Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun in the capital Beirut on Friday, during which the two discussed the issue of Palestine as well as the security and stability in the region in addition to strengthening ties between the two nations.

“The Israeli occupation does not differentiate between a Muslim and a Christian in Palestine, especially in al-Quds,” Haniyeh said.

Pointing to a gas production vessel that Israel had moved into an offshore field claimed by Beirut earlier this month, the head of the Gaza-based resistance movement’s political bureau said, “Hamas stands in solidarity with Lebanon and condemns the Israeli enemy’s attempt to steal from Lebanon’s maritime resources.”

Haniyeh also expressed hope for “security, stability and more unity” in Lebanon.

The Hamas official underscored the importance of Lebanon’s power, stability and security. “All of this is strength for the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people.”

Haniyeh said the political changes in the region are not to the benefit of Israel despite all attempts by the occupying regime to compensate its losses with the so-called normalization agreements.

Aoun, for his part, emphasized the “right of the Palestinian people to establish their independent state on all their national territory, with al-Quds as its capital.”

The Lebanese president also praised the Palestinian resistance and its efforts with regard to the siege of the Gaza Strip. “Our standing with you is our duty, and we cannot imagine al-Quds without the Church of the Holy Sepulcher or Al-Aqsa.”

On Tuesday, Haniyeh and his accompanying delegation arrived in Beirut for a several-day visit, during which he will meet with state officials, Lebanese authorities and actors, and Palestinian factions.
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