Publish date21 May 2022 - 9:47
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Hezbollah hails Palestinians over choosing path of resistance

Secretary General of the Hezbollah resistance movement has hailed the Palestinian nation over choosing the path of resistance against Israeli regime stressing that they no longer wait for help from the Arab countries.
Hezbollah hails Palestinians over choosing path of resistance
Arab regimes are unable to protect their own nations, let alone defend the Palestinian cause, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said in remarks on Friday.

The Hezbollah chief was commemorating the 6th anniversary of the martyrdom of Sayyed Mustafa Badr al-Deen, a military leader of Hezbollah and an advisor to Nasrallah himself.

He said Badr al-Deen used to fight against the “global arrogance” led by the United States and the Israeli regime.

Badr al-Deen’s generation did not wait for any Arab, Islamic, or international decisions to start their resistance, he stated.

According to Nasrallah, the Palestinian people too will no longer wait for Arab regimes, the Arab League, or the United Nations to come to their help in the fight against the Israeli occupation.

He said the Nakba Day, when the Israeli regime was created, was not only a catastrophe for Palestine but for all the Arab nations in the region, adding that the Arab world failed to defend Palestine even when it was strong and united.
Nakba Day, held each year on May 15, marks the dispossession and expulsion of Palestinians from their ancestral land prior to the creation of the Israeli regime in 1948.

During that year, eighty-five percent of the Palestinian people were forcibly displaced from their homeland and over 500 villages were destroyed in order to establish the Israeli regime.

Despite the pain and suffering inflicted by Israel upon the Palestinian people since the regime’s formation, some Arab countries began in 2020 to normalize their relations with Tel Aviv, in moves deemed by Palestinians as a betrayal of their cause.

Elsewhere in his Friday remarks, Nasrallah said what protects Lebanon is its people and their resistance.

“Let no one have the illusion that the Arab world can protect Lebanon.”

He said the Lebanese resistance movement will continue the struggle relentlessly and it will never give up its arms.

“The resistance has contributed to protecting Lebanon’s domestic security, especially in the dismantling of Israeli spy networks,” he said.

The Hezbollah chief stated that the impending challenge in Lebanon is the economic and social crisis, as well as the bread, medicine, and electricity crises, “not the weapons of the resistance.”
On the recent Lebanese parliamentary elections, Nasrallah said the elections are over and now is the time for cooperation to resolve the country’s problems.

“Let the parliamentary blocs head to parliament to continue the building of the state and the approval of laws and we might agree with you,” he added.

In remarks late on Wednesday, Nasrallah said the large turnout and the outcome of the election conveyed a message of people’s adherence and commitment to the resistance, noting that the resistance achieved “great victory” in the election.

He also said there was no single bloc in the parliament that could claim the majority in elections.

The advantage of not having a single party or group owning the majority in the parliament, he asserted, makes everyone equally responsible.
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