Publish date17 May 2022 - 22:48
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Iran, Cuba resolved to thwart US sanctions

Iran's Minister of Health underlined that despite great political and cultural ties between Iran and Cuba, the economic relations are not desirable and the two sides must extend them.
Iran, Cuba resolved to thwart US sanctions
Eynollahi said that in the 18th Joint Commission, 13 documents and memoranda of understanding on cooperation in various fields, including biotechnology, health, economy, trade, banking, sports, and agriculture were finalized and inked.
Stressing that Iran was ready to share its capabilities with Cuba, Iran's Health Minister noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran and Cuba have made significant progress in cooperation in the field of biotechnology, and in recent years and expanded their cooperation by producing Iran-Cuba joint anti- coronavirus vaccine, Soberana 2.
He pointed to the corona outbreak and the double US excessive sanctions imposed on Iran and Cuba and said that the pandemic caused many economic problems, yet the two countries stood on their own feet and achieved great success to combat the virus with no one's help.
Cuba’s Deputy Prime Minister Ricardo Cabrisas for his part stressed the need to continue holding the joint commission, saying Havana was seeking to invite Iranian officials to participate in Cuba's 2023 Comprehensive Development Plan.
He said: that Cuba is trying to increase trade and economic levels between the two countries while also strengthening the mechanism of relations between the governments to make the most of the opportunity and develop bilateral ties.
"We have agreed to hold the 19th Joint Commission between Iran and Cuba in Havana in 2023, and we have to set up a bilateral and joint plan for the next commission, which will run until 2026, " Ricardo Cabresias said, adding: " The ties and plans will ease off and neutralize the US economic sanctions imposed on both countries."
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