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On the 40th anniversary of Open Strike, Golan will be liberated and returned to the homeland, Syria

14 Feb 2022 - 15:41

On the 40th anniversary of the 1982 General Open Strike, Citizens of Occupied Syrian Golan have reiterated adherence to the Syrian Arab identity and struggle against all arbitrary Israeli occupation measures until the liberation of Golan and its return to the homeland, Syria.

The occupation forces, as soon as the strike was announced, imposed a military siege on the villages and towns in the Golan, cut off electricity, and prevent the delivery of food in an attempt to isolate them from the outside world and force them to end the strike and accept its laws.
The Syrians in Golan faced the unjust siege and occupation pressures with steadfastness, resistance and carried on fierce confrontations with the occupation forces, the most important of which was the identity battle that took place on April 1, 1982,SANA reported.
Despite repression and detentions and all the aggressive practices of the occupation over 55 years of occupation, citizens of Golan continued to confront all its plans, including the so-called “local council elections,” as they burned the Zionist electoral cards in October 2018 in front of the armed occupation forces as an expression of their strong rejection of holding these elections in the villages of the Golan.
The Citizens of Golan also categorically rejected the settlement plan to build wind turbines” on an area of nearly 6000 dunums of agricultural land in the displaced villages of Uyun al-Hajal, Mansoura and al-Taljiyat and the villages of Majdal Shams, Masada, Ain Qinya, Buq’ataand Tel al-Faras area, where the citizens staged two general strikes in June, 2019 and December 2020 to prevent the occupation from building the wind turbines.

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