Publish date22 Jan 2022 - 20:30
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US Reportedly Dropped Massive Bomb on Syrian Dam Marked as 'No-Go' Target

Washington has never received a UN mandate or permission from Damascus to carry out military strikes on Syrian soil or deploy its troops in the nation. Nonetheless, the US has reportedly carried out offensives against both Daesh forces and the Syrian government.
US Reportedly Dropped Massive Bomb on Syrian Dam Marked as

According to one source, bombs as big as 2,000 pounds (907 kilograms) were used in the March 2017 attack, while the dam was still under the control of Daesh terrorists. The dam was on the no-go list because a US military report showed that its destruction could flood nearby areas causing enormous destruction and widespread civilian fatalities.

"The destruction would have been unimaginable. The number of casualties would have exceeded the number of Syrians who have died throughout the war", an unnamed former director of the dam told the newspaper, on the condition of anonymity.

Carnage was avoided due to a combination of extreme luck and the skill of local engineers, newspaper sources claimed. One bomb, which reportedly did not detonate, was said to have later been safely extracted by workers. What damage occurred was later repaired by local engineers, with warring sides agreeing to a temporary ceasefire to complete the job, the NY Times said.

The US Central Command has not commented on the report, although a spokesperson told the newspaper that US military strikes were limited to operating towers near the dam. The Times' sources disagreed with the assessment, claiming that the dam itself suffered significant damage. The reservoir behind the dam saw a 15-metre water level rise following the strikes, coming close to spilling over, a source told the newspaper.
American troops are still deployed within Syria, against the wishes of Damascus. The US has carried out airstrikes both against Daesh and Damascus, despite lacking a UN mandate to carry out military operations within the country's borders. The Syrian government and Russia, its chief ally in fighting local terrorist insurgents, have repeatedly condemned Washington's actions and continued military deployments within the nation's territory.
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