Publish date20 Oct 2021 - 19:14
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"No heavenly religion supports oppressors", Syrian professor

A Syrian university professor attending the first day of the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference denounced the countries which signed the normalization deal with Israeli regime stressing no heavenly religion supports oppressors.
"No heavenly religion supports oppressors", Syrian professor
Ruqayyah Shebli Kermanshahi, university Professor of Jurisprudence and Principles from Syria made speech on Palestine and the importance of scholars and ulama's (scholar) support and responsibility for it in an address to webinar on the opening day of the 35th Islamic Unity Conference, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
She said," There is no heavenly religion that supports the oppressor against the oppressed" addressing "those who think that normalization is a form of tolerance or that they will benefit from it" vowing that the fruit of that will be as bitter as Zaqqum (the tree of hell)  and that they will taste it before the Hereafter in this world.
She referred to
the supportive stance of her country for the cause of Palestine and the sufferings of the Syrian nation for that support.
Ruqayyah Shebli Kermanshahi reiterated necessity of support for the Palestinian nation and said," If we see a usurper and a usurped, we ought to stand with the usurped against the usurper. This is what makes us human."
She noted that the Syrian people and government are proud of Palestine and will always declare solidarity with Palestine despite the suffering they have contracted at the hands of terrorism.
Syrian professor rejected those who supported normalization of relations with Israeli regime and said, "It is never possible to support both the Palestinians and the Zionists at the same time" and called that a policy of double standards which need to be explained by the thinkers and politicians so that no one can wipe the truth from the minds of the youths.
She stressed," Neither we, nor our fathers, nor our grandchildren have abandoned or will abandon this pursuit" and added," This is because the question of Palestine is not a historical issue belonging
to a specific period of time, but a human cause seeking to assist the oppressed against the oppressor and the usurped against the usurper."
The Palestinian cause is an effort on the part of those who have learned the true nature of mankind.
Ruqayyah Shebli Kermanshahi vowed that Palestine will return to its owners with the endeavors of its faithful and rightful warriors.
The first webinar was held on the opening day of the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference on the theme of "Islamic Unity, Peace and Avoidance of Division and Conflict in the World of Islam" as participants discuss the latest situation in the world of Islam. Two meetings will particularly detail the views on the issue of Palestine and late Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri, the late advisor of Supreme Leader and former secretary general of World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought.
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