Publish date10 Oct 2021 - 9:48
Story Code : 522092

Leader condemns terrorist attack on Kunduz Shia mosque

Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has issued a message condemning the recent terrorist attack on Shia mosque in Kunduz calling on the Afghan authorities to punish the perpetrators behind the heinous attack.
Leader condemns terrorist attack on Kunduz Shia mosque
The Leader called for punishment of those behind Friday attack on Kunduz Shia mosque in a bid to prevent such measures in future, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
"The catastrophic incident in Khanabad district in Kunduz which has led to death of a number of pious worshippers has brought us massive pain" said the Leader in his message.
The Leader seriously called on the authorities in the neighboring country to punish the "blood-thirsty perpetrators" behind the crime and take measures to prevent similar incidents in future.
Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic offered sympathies with the bereaved families of those martyred and wounded in the terrorist attack which rocked Kunduz mosque.
At least 150 people were killed and dozens more wounded during the bomb blast claimed by Daesh terrorist group.
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