Publish date28 Sep 2021 - 14:23
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Executive in Karbala:

"Interfaith unity on Arba'een, victory for Imam Hussein uprising"

An executive at the holy shrine of Hazrat Abbas (AS) stressed that congregation of different Islamic denominations and followers of other religions in Arba'een procession illustrates that the uprising by Imam Hussein (AS) has achieved its objective.
"Interfaith unity on Arba
Emad al-Anqoushi, head of the information center at the holy shrine of Hazrat Abbas (AS), closest companion and half-brother to Imam Hussein (AS), hailed the massive convention of different denominations and religions in Arba'een ceremony illustrates that the third Shia Imam is capable of convening us from various religions, ethnicities and cultures, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said that the first groups of Arba'een pilgrims, as is the annual tradition, were from southern Iraqi provinces.
He referred to participation of different Iraqi tribes and ethnicities and said," That encourages other religions both inside Iraq and from foreign countries to attend Arba'een since this occasion is the manifestation of great concepts and values for which the third Shia Imam rose."
He added, "This expression of loyalty by followers of different religions to Imam Hussein (AS) teaches us that the third Shia Imam meant to convene us, from different religions, ethnicities and cultures together in the holy land of Karbala."
"Despite the pandemic infection in the past two years, Iraqi people held the annual mourning ceremonies maintaining the health protocols" he said and added that the number of pilgrims increased this year as a number of the people had received COVID vaccine.
Al Ankoushi referred to history of popular resistance against rulers who endeavored to end Arba'een ceremony and said," The pandemic infection cannot end or even impede the annual procession."
He noted that the Iraqi nation had marked Arba'een since the era of former Baath regime of Saddam Hussein and have never submitted to issues like terrorism or sectarian rifts.
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