Publish date28 Sep 2021 - 12:05
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Bahraini minor detainees tortured in al-Kalifa jails: report

Al Jazeera channel has released a report in its latest episode of documentary on wide violation of Bahraini children's rights in al-Kalifa jails.
Bahraini minor detainees tortured in al-Kalifa jails: report
New episode of Al Jazeera documentary Zero Distance has been aired showing torture of Bahraini young inmates below 18 years of age detained over political charges in al-Hawz al-Jaf prison, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
It shows the younger inmates detained over wide range of charges from efforts to overthrow government to terrorist measures who have confessed, under torture, to crimes they have not realyy committed.
The report, referring to local and international documents, says at least 607 Bahraini children have been subject to different forms of abuse during February 2011 to August 2021.
259 minor detainees have been reportedly tortured, 124 have been denied medical care, 116 were kidnapped and the rest have faced violence at the moment of detention, sexual harassment and deprivation from education.
According to Al Jazeera report 124 child prisoners got some kind of sickness or they were ill at the moment of detention.
Ja is reported the most number of abuse of children's rights and al-Hawz al-Jaf prison has recorded the second most number of violation of children's rights in Bahrain.
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