Publish date28 Sep 2021 - 10:28
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Hezbollah denounces Erbil normalization conference

Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has issued a message to denounce the recent normalization meeting in Erbil calling that a failed effort to promote the culture of dialogue with Zionist enemies.
Hezbollah denounces Erbil normalization conference
Hezbollah hailed the official, political, religious and public stance against the meeting and any move for normalization of ties with Israel hailing the legal measures against those favoring reconciliation with Tel Aviv regime, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
It also hailed the insight and vigilance of the Iraqi nation and the political factions and also the anti-normalization approach in the Middle East region.
The statement by Lebanese resistance movement also hailed the determination of Iraqi nation on its stance to support the Palestinian nation and their high objective.
This is while the Iraqi government has issued a statement on Saturday to slam the Erbil meeting as "illegal" criticizing some tribal figures in the Semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region for pursuit of normalization with Israeli regime.
Baghdad has confirmed that such meetings do not represent Iraqis stressing that the participants only represent themselves.
The KRG interior ministry has also issued a statement stressing its support for Iraqi government's rejection of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv regime.
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