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3 killed, a dozen injured in police attack on Nigeria Ashura procession

21 Aug 2021 - 20:40

At least three people have lost their lives and more than a dozen others have been wounded as Nigerian police attacked a mourning ceremony held to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS) in Sokoto state.

Islamic Movement in Nigeria has issued a report on Friday saying over police attack against Ashura mourning ceremony in northern state of Sokoto on Thursday which led to killing three mourners and wounding 12 others.
Although the Thursday ceremony was a peaceful gathering, the police attacked participants during the final prayers killing and wounding over a dozen people.
The movement has published the names and images of the three dead bodies rejecting a police report that nobody was killed or wounded in Sokoto state on Thursday.
Ashura mourning procession was widely held across various Nigerian states without any clashes or violence as the Islamic Movement of Nigeria demanded the reason why should a similar peaceful gathering should be targeted by police force in Sokoto.

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