Publish date5 Apr 2021 - 12:33
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Al Aqsa Mosque guardian warns of Israeli aggression during Ramadan

A trustee of al Aqsa Mosque has warned of likely aggression by Israeli regime during the holy month of Ramadan urging for preventive measures against any possible attack.
Al Aqsa Mosque guardian warns of Israeli aggression during Ramadan
Hanady al Halawani warned of possible attacks by Israeli forces following previous campaigns by Israeli groups for wide aggression against the holy mosque during the fasting month of Ramadan, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
She said," This call has been made in line with constant aggressions made by Zionists to al Aqsa in line with scheduling the worshipping hours and allocating Saturdays for the Jewish ceremonies."
Al Halawani added," This comes besides other measures to divide the holy mosque and separation of the Bab al Rahma and eastern gate in order to help construction of the Solomon's Temple for Jewsi worshipping ceremonies."
Zionist groups affiliated with the Solomon's Temple have called on the youths and Jewish schools to attend the conference discussing massive attack against al Aqsa Mosque on Hebrew Quds Day on 28th of Ramadan.
The conference was held on Sunday, 35 days ahead of the date for Jewish attack on al Aqsa Mosque as a number of rabbis and Israeli ministers reportedly attended the gathering.
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