Publish date2 Mar 2021 - 13:09
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Cleric calls for revival of Islamic references, promotion towards new Islamic civilization

Director of the international conference on Karabakh stressed Muslim world's support for all Islamic lands regardless of the ethnicity and religious prejudices.
Ayatollah Alireza A
Ayatollah Alireza A'rafi, Director of the international conference on Karabakh and manager of Iran seminaries delivering speech at the international conference on Monday March 1 (photo)
Ayatollah Alireza A'rafi, senior Iranian Shia cleric in his remarks at the international conference on Karabakh held in the Iranian holy city of Qom quoted the Supreme Leader on importance of support for all Islamic lands and resistance for liberation of any Muslim territory under occupation, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said," Azerbaijan territories are quite valuable for Muslim world as it counts our ideological and religious asset."
Manager of Iran seminaries said," We respect the international laws as they have been supportive of us in the issue of Karabakh."
Senior cleric also quoted the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei rejecting occupation and bullying in seizure of Islamic lands.
Ayatollah A'rafi said," If occupying forces do not act rationally then we will begin our resistance campaign as we find it legal to resist in Syria and Palestine."
"The rights of all settlers, Muslim and non-Muslim, living in these areas should be respected" said the Shia scholar and highlighted importance of friendship and Islamic fraternity among all denominations.
The cleric slammed interventionist policies of the regional and international arrogant powers and expansion of terrorism, sectarian rifts in the region.
Ayatollah Alireza A'rafi made the comments in the international conference on 17 Rabi al-Awwal on Krabakh held in the Iranian city of Qom on Monday March 1.
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