Publish date21 Feb 2021 - 11:18
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Hezbollah censures normalization with Israel as treachery

Deputy of Lebanon's resistance movement Hezbollah has slammed normalization of relations with Israeli regime as treachery to religion, Arab principles and objective of Palestine.
Sheikh Naeem Qassem, deputy of Lebanon
Sheikh Naeem Qassem, deputy of Lebanon's resistance movement, Hezbollah (photo)
Sheikh Naeem Qassem, deputy of Hezbollah movement, has condemned efforts for normalization of relations with Israel warning that the move would marginalize the main issue in Muslim world, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said," Normalization of relations is in fact green light to the expansionist policies and legalization of the Zionist regime."
Sheikh Naeem Qassem noted," We believe that the countries which have normalized ties will eventually achieve nothing but regret."
Deputy of Hezbollah added," Same way that the Palestinian nation foiled the deal of century plans, it can beat the plot for normalization of relations and the way for that is that we all stand against the US and Zionist regime in the resistance front led by the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Unite Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan, Bahrain, Sudan are among the Arab countries which have signed the US-brokered normalization deal with Israeli regime despite the international decry of the much controversial deal.
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