Publish date3 Feb 2021 - 13:02
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Trump sanctions to accelerate Iran-China economic ties

Sanctions imposed on Iran by the administration of former US president Donald Trump will accelerate economic ties between Tehran and Beijing, says a political commentator.
Trump sanctions to accelerate Iran-China economic ties
In interview with Press TV on Tuesday, American political analyst and foreign affairs journalist Patrick Lawrence further suggested that this serves as a “failure” for the administration of new President Joe Biden.
“China's continuing to develop its economic relations with Iran. That's an excellent thing,” he said. “And so I think the sanctions will accelerate that process, another way in which they will prove ultimately prove a failure.”
Engineered by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the anti-Iran sanctions “will turn out to be a terrible mistake,” according to Lawrence.
“One of the big problems Pompeo created quite purposefully is to put in place policies, sanctions and so forth, that the Biden administration will have a very difficult time taking back, withdrawing from because it would make them look weak. “
The analyst further referred to how the anti-Iran sanctions have complicated ties between the United States and the European Union.
“They have seriously alienated the Europeans,” Lawrence said. “Not only are Iranians under sanctions, but any sort of European company that does business with Iran is equally sanctioned. This is going to cause a lot of damage, especially in a period when what we call transatlantic drift is becoming more and more evident.”
Trump unilaterally withdrew the US from an internationally backed deal with Iran and adopted a “maximum pressure” campaign against Tehran.
Iranian authorities have called on the United States to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and remove all sanctions illegally imposed on Iran.
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