Publish date25 Dec 2020 - 20:33
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Iraqi ex-MP stresses legal presence of Gen Soleimani in country

Iraqi former prime minister Adil Abdul Mahdi has stressed that Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani had entered the country legally before he was assassinated by the United States.
Former Iraqi prime minister Adil Abdul Mahdi (file photo)
Former Iraqi prime minister Adil Abdul Mahdi (file photo)
Aletejah TV published an interview with Abdul Madhi, in which he underscores that martyr Soelimani had entered Iraq with an official passport and legally, like other high-ranking officials.
"He [Lt. Gen. Soleimani] came with an official passport. His photo was in this passport. His name was in it. There was everything," the former PM said.
"He did not enter Iraq under a fake name. He came officially," he noted.

He was a high-ranking military official and all of the senior commanders take precautionary measures including confidential commutes as well as departures and arrival times, he said, These people have a communication network that organizes these activities for them.
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