Publish date31 Oct 2020 - 16:59
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Pakistani experts discuss regional issues at virtual meeting of Islamic Unity Conference

Pakistani academics discussed the regional issues regarding their country on the first day of the As part of the 34th Islamic Unity Conference held by Iran's World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought warning of Islamophobia, dispersion and COVID-19 as challenges threatening regional people.
Pakistani experts discuss regional issues at virtual meeting of Islamic Unity Conference
A group of religious and cultural figures from Pakistan attended the webinar held on Friday, the second day of 34th Islamic Unity Conference held by Iran's top Islamic unity center to discuss the challenges in the region naming Islamophobia, extremism, poverty and the new coronavirus  as the key issues for the regional countries, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Hujjat-ul-Islam Amin Shahidi, director of Islamic institute in Islamabad in his speech at this webinar noted cultural, ideological, spiritual and political poverty as more important issue than the economic poverty in the world of Islam which should be set in a focal point for Muslim thinkers and scholars.
He added," What is the most concerning is indifference towards these issues" and noted importance of finding which countries, governments or individuals inflict the biggest damages to Muslims and the world of Islam.
Pakistani scholar stressed that Muslims from across the world should be concerned over the issues in the world of Islam as they should react to any oppression imposed on an individual Muslim in any part of the Islamic states.
Prominent intellectuals from Pakistan also warned of the new coronavirus pandemic as a threat for the world and noted showing the morale of fraternity and human values as the mission for religious institutes amid the pandemic infection.
Shafeqat Hussein Shirazi, deputy of international affairs at Majlis Wahdat Muslimin, Zahed Ali Zahedi, professor of Islamic studies at University of Karachi and Shayesteh Tabassom, head of the international affairs at the University of Karachi were among the participants in this webinar.
34th Islamic Unity Conference has scheduled a 6-day online event due to the COVID-19 circumstances and more than 350 lectures by Muslim intellectuals and elites from across the globe will be part of the annual conference on "Islamic Cooperation in Face of Calamities and Disasters."
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