Publish date27 Oct 2020 - 10:35
Story Code : 480009

Iran follows leader's decree, imposes more restrictions to fight COVID-19

Islamic Republic of Iran has announced further restrictions, following a decree by the Supreme Leader, as the country records highest death toll, 337 people, since the outbreak.
Iran follows leader
Some 6,000 new infections were registered on the same day. The rise in fresh cases and deaths comes despite a mask mandate the government put in place in Tehran and other red zones.

Experts link the resurgence of the virus to the flu season that kicked off nearly a month ago. The health ministry says the rise in fresh cases has to do with the acceleration of testing in the country.

The resurgence of the virus now marks the third and strongest wave of the pandemic in the country. The unabated rise in fatalities prompted Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei to hold the first ever in-person session with the government since the onset of the virus and ask the president and the health ministry to act more seriously.

The government imposed new restrictions in Tehran and 43 other high-risk cities, applicable until November 21st. Based on the new measures, 50-percent of public servants are required to telework. Cinemas and other entertainment centers must roll down their shutters and anyone who is caught without mask will be fined.

Unnecessary intercity trips are also restricted until further notice. The battle against COVID has entered its eighth month and people seem to be tired of life without careless fun. However, experts say in order to win this fight, we first need to bite the bullet and keep up with the health guidelines as they are still the only weapon against the virus.
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