Publish date6 Sep 2020 - 13:11
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"Sacrilege of Prophet Mohammad, west's psywar against Muslims", cleric

Senior Iranian cleric has denounced the reprinting of cartoon disrespecting Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in French weekly, Charlie Hebdo, calling that the west's psywar against Muslims and migrants.
"Sacrilege of Prophet Mohammad, west
Ayatollah Mohammad Hassan Akhtari, chairman of the Supreme Council at Ahlul Bayt (AS) World Assembly has issued a message to condemn the reprinting of Prophet Mohammad cartoons in French Weekly Charlie Hebdo stressing that the backstage to such racist behaviors amid the mourning month of Muharram is a psychological warfare the west and US have waged against Muslims and migrant community, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
The cleric in part of his message wrote," The heinous and disrespectful move made by far-right racists and Islamophobes in sacrilege of the holy Qur'an and cartoons against Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in some European countries has raged Muslims and liberal nations across the globe."
He added," What doubles the deep regret by humanitarian and Islamic societies is the illegal measure by politicians and authorities, claimants of human rights and freedom, in these countries issuing the permission for such gatherings."
Manager of International Ashura Foundation expressed regret over a record of desecrating Islamic sanctities and disrespecting Muslims saying," These disrespectful moves are against international resolutions and conventions on respecting different religions and coexistence among followers of all faiths."
Ayatollah Akhtari reiterated that the racist behaviors and anti-Islam measures are unjustifiable under the pretext of freedom of speech.
He criticized the politicians ignorant to the desecrating Islam while denial of Holocaust in the same countries would end in jail and deprival of certain social services.
"Ahlul Bayt (AS) World Assembly and International Foundation of Ashura both advocates of Islam and Ahlul Bayt (AS), household of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) seriously condemn such hateful and divisive measures" said the Iranian scholar and called on governments and security organizations to cancel the permission for illegal gatherings as part of measures to prevent raging Muslims across the globe.
 Ayatollah Mohammad Hassan Akhtari also called on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), authorities in Muslim countries and religious leaders across the world to denounce the anti-Islam move and voice their opposition with moves desecrating Islamic sanctities.
Three members of far-right group in Sweden have burnt a copy of holy Qur'an near the site of Friday prayer in the Swedish city of Malmo ahead of the French Weekly Charlie Hebdo announcing a decision to reprint cartoons disrespecting Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
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