Publish date26 Aug 2020 - 16:44
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Plans for Qur'an burning protest in Sweden sparks tension

Tensions are on the rise as far right group in Malmo announces plans for Islamophobe's protest and burning a copy of holy Qur'an near Friday prayer event in the Swedish city.
Plans for Qur
Danish far-right group has scheduled a meeting for Friday 28 as the hardliner leader plans to burn a copy of the holy book of Islam concurrent with Friday prayer in the city, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Police has issued the permission for far-right gathering which is determined to protest against what it calls "Islamization of Sweden."
The hardline party leader in Sweden, Rasmus Paludan, has planned the event to be held in Muslim-inhibited neighborhood stressing that "the least he could do to help Sweden's occupied enclave."
The far-right politician has a background of desecration move against Qur'an in Denmark as he has planned the Qur'an burning to take place in front of a mosque in Malmo.
A group of Muslims in Sweden have issued a statement to condemn the sacrilegious act calling on different Islamic organizations to take measure and prevent the desecration of holy book of Islam.
Islamic centers in the European country are calling on legal authorities to prevent "immoral tragedy which goes against protocols to respect religions."
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