Publish date12 Jul 2020 - 16:28
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Iran quite capable of beating sanctions: Leader

The Iranian nation is capable of overcoming an economic "disease" partly caused by the sanctions, Iran's Leader said, urging the new parliament to play its part by trying to stop rampant inflation and remove hurdles hindering national production.
Iran quite capable of beating sanctions: Leader
"Because of its strength and defensive might, the country is undoubtedly capable of overcoming this disease," Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said, referring to economic hardships.
"[This is evidenced by] adversaries admitting they have been unable to achieve anti-Iran goals, despite [placing] toughest sanctions and all-out pressure," he said, speaking in a teleconference meeting with members of the new Iranian parliament that opened late May.
The Leader said the parliament has a serious duty to help settle the foremost economic difficulties the nation is struggling with, including inflation, a plunge in the national currency's value and problems slowing down national production.
Describing the incumbent parliament as a beacon of hope for the people, Ayatollah Khamenei said the nation expects talented youth and seasoned managers in the parliament to work to overcome the country's top problems as soon as possible.
"We are certain that all the current problems are solvable and the parliament must prioritize issues, avoid controversies and honestly work for the people so it can [expedite] the settlement of problems," qouted him as saying.
To help solve problems, the countrymen ought to show self-confidence and the authorities should stop pinning hopes on foreign governments.
The Leader said recent achievements of the Iranian nation show distinct capacities the country possess, pointing to the creation of thousands of knowledge-based companies, implementation of hundreds of infrastructure projects, and the completion of brilliant military and space advancements.
The Leader said the nation's spiritual capacities originating from Iranian's faith supplements the country's natural capacities. AH
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