Publish date25 Aug 2013 - 11:49
Story Code : 138967
Lebanese Sunni scholar:

“Zionist regime is the killer of our Shia bothers in Tripoli.”

A prominent Lebanese Sunni cleric denounced the recent bombing in Tripoli calling the agents behind the terror attack as Zionists.
“Zionist regime is the killer of our Shia bothers in Tripoli.”

Sheikh Ahmad al Qattan, Head of Lebanese Qolona wal-Amal (Say and Deed) Society, issued a message condemning the recent terror attack in Tripoli, Lebanon, and stressed the explosions to be in line with the Zionist projects of the US, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

“This Zionist project by the US targeted national and Islamic unity in Lebanon.” He said and demanded all Lebanese people to follow the path of peace and logicality.

He referred to the remarks of Seyyed Hassan Nasr Allah on Shia Sunni unity and hostility of the Zionist enemies with all Muslims reiterating,” Just like Seyyed Hassan Nasr Allah, here we stress that those behind the crime against our Shia brothers in Tripoli mosque are certainly Zionists.”

This cleric urged security forces to start immediate investigations into the twin bombings in Tripoli and stand against the US and Zionist mercenaries in the country.

On Friday twin terror attacks new Al-Taqwa Mosque in Tripoli claimed the lives of 42 people injuring 500 others.

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