Publish date3 Sep 2019 - 14:10
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Role of economy on unity of Muslim world:

Necessity of acknowledging economic capacities in Muslim world

All Muslim states should be able to acknowledge and boost their capabilities because economy does not abide by bullying and an active private sector can create an ambiance of competition.
Necessity of acknowledging economic capacities in Muslim world
Jamshid Pajouyan, Iranian economy expert and former head of the National Competition Council, in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) related on economic capabilities and challenges of the Islamic countries calling on Muslim world to recognize boost their capacities as the world of economy does not abide by bullying of the foreign countries.
He highlighted an ambiance of economic competition among Islamic states denouncing the world powers over imposing pressure on Muslim world.
He noted that once a Muslim country recognizes its economic capacities and turns to an industrial power, then economic exchanges between Islamic countries bloom.
Iranian economy expert said,” Basically once cannot marry the technical issues with those in politics though the diplomatic convergence of the Islamic countries can be quite beneficial.”
When asked if potentialities of Islamic countries could be hired to expand their economic activities he said,” If there were some relative advantages among Muslim states they could expand their commercial ties so that they become dependent and eventually united though it is far from possible at present.”
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