Muslim charity ensures lonely Australian pensioners don
4 Apr 2020 17:03
COVID-19: Call to prayer gesture in heart of Europe
4 Apr 2020 12:46
Iran turns massive mall to temporary hospital for coronavirus patients (photo)  <img src="/images/picture_icon.png" width="13" height="13" border="0" align="top">
29 Mar 2020 13:35
Imam livestreams Friday prayers due to COVID-19 fears in Russia
28 Mar 2020 23:51
Turkey postpones Hajj pilgrimage procedures over virus
28 Mar 2020 12:26
Nations ban Friday prayers, Muslims at home as coronavirus grips the globe
28 Mar 2020 12:20
In locked down India, migrant workers walking home dial for help
28 Mar 2020 12:09
Friday Muslim prayers led on TV due to virus in Turkey
28 Mar 2020 12:05
26 Mar 2020 13:17
An Iranian Red Crescent volunteer monitors body temperature of people in Yazd, central Iran as part of measures to screen the public for symptoms of new coronavirus.
25 Mar 2020 12:11
Iran’s IRGC prepares for disinfection ops, biodefense maneuvers amid COVID-19 outbreak
24 Mar 2020 21:25
Bruised face of an Iranian laboratory expert in Ahwaz Hospital, southern province of Khouzestan, after long hours of hard work on blood samples belonging to coronavirus-infected patients.
24 Mar 2020 21:10
A group of nurses holding a paper with words:"Stay strong, my friend" as they stand behind Haft seen set, traditionally laid on the beginning of the Persian New Year. This year the New Year celebrations were all cancelled due to restrictions announced to battle coronavirus infection.
22 Mar 2020 14:22
Iranian medical team show victory sign amid hardest times of coronavirus battle.
22 Mar 2020 13:50
Fire department in Tehran rush to help with disinfecting streets and public places in the capital.
22 Mar 2020 13:07