Iranian Sunni cleric stresses:
‘Diplomacy of Unity’ maintains Muslim world’s interest
Prominent Iranian Sunni scholar stressed that the ‘diplomacy of unity’ to be beyond national interests and a strategy which includes Muslim world’s interests.
Publish date : Tuesday 10 October 2017 13:08
Code: 287857
Mamusta Abdul Salam Borhani, renowned Sunni scholar in Oshnavieh town, Western Azerbaijan Province, noted that in the ‘diplomacy of unity’, to settle disagreements between countries happens through dialogue for the benefits of each nation, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said,” Within the framework of fulfilling the interests of Muslim world, the benefits of each Muslim state is also maintained; therefore, ‘diplomacy of unity’ is Muslim world’s soft power to confront other global powers and that is a capacity achieved via dialogue of the Muslim elites.”
According to the Sunni scholar dialogue and sympathy of Muslim elites can positively affect diplomacy of unity and that,” Major executives discussing ‘diplomacy of unity’ are the same authorities addressing the people; hence, Shia and Sunni elites who care the solidarity of Muslim nation should cooperate to realize diplomacy of unity in the world.”
Mamusta Borhani referred to various elements affecting the unity in the world of Islam and said,” Qur’an, lifestyle of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and shared religious principles are the factors which affect the resistance against colonial powers, the US and Zionist regime.”
Source : taghribnews