“Islamophobia in Hollywood” published
Iranian author sets Islamophobia in the western cinema as the theme for his latest book brining the list of movies and features for anti-Islam movies in the filmmaking hub of the west.
Publish date : Friday 4 August 2017 04:10
Code: 277621
“Islamophobia in Hollywood” is the name of the latest book coauthored by Iranian authors, Seyyed Mahdi Ganjiani and Mahmoud Alipour published by the center for arts and culture of Bureau of Islamic Propaganda, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
In 384 pages the title for the first section of the book is on “Hollywood, Foreign Policy means of the US” with the second section on “A Prospect for Presence of Islamic Teachings and Muslims in Hollywood” and also the third section titled “Islam Accused on Theorizing Violence and Terror by the Hollywood”.
The next two sections in this book are titled “Hollywood and Introduction of Muslims as Terrorists” and “Analysis of Terrorism-like phrases in Islamic Sources”.
Authors have opened the book by a short introduction on “Islamophobia”, “Hollywood Cinema” and also “Terrorism” as the key terms in the book.
The book also includes a list of nearly 100 Hollywood products on Islamophobia.
Source : Hawza News