Sunni MP hails ‘diplomacy of unity’ as guarantee for future of Muslim world
Iranian Sunni Member of Parliament hailed the ‘diplomacy of unity’ as guarantee for future of Muslim world.
Publish date : Tuesday 10 October 2017 13:10
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Ramin Nour Gholipour, member of the Sunni fraction in Iran’s Parliament, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) noted that to use the potentials of diplomacy in promoting political and economic plans is a widely accepted strategy and stressed that diplomacy of unity can guarantee the future of Muslims world.
He referred to advantages of unity as a strategy for the world of Islam and stressed,” This common benefit should be accepted by all Muslim nations in order to maintain their superiority and honor in different global arenas.”
He added,” The critical situation in the world of Islam can lead to massive catastrophes; therefore, diplomacy should be employed as the means which benefits all denominations.”
Iranian MP hailed the diplomacy of unity as an initiation by the Supreme Leader who has always been concerned over solidarity of Muslims.
Ramin Nour Gholipour also called unity and cooperation as the sole way towards success and said,” Political arena in Iran is quite active and that is necessary to be applied for Islamic proximity either.”
He hailed the countless commonalities of Muslims and called for the potential ground to be hired in boosting solidarity of Muslim communities.
Source : taghribnews