Taghrib News Agency (TNA) 25 Jan 2022 - 11:26 http://www.taghribnews.com/en/news/535866/iran-s-exports-to-india-shows-major-increase-in-ten-months -------------------------------------------------- Title : Iran's exports to India shows major increase in ten months -------------------------------------------------- Iran has reported 74 per cent increase in its non-oil export to India over March to December 2021, according to official source. Text : Figures provided by Tehran s chamber of commerce (TCCIM) published on Monday showed that Iran s exports to India had risen by 74% in value terms in March-December last year from the similar period in 2020 to reach a total of $1.34 billion. That comes as shipments to India had risen by 5% in volume terms over the same period to nearly five million metric tons, showed the figures covered in a report by the ILNA news agency. Iran s top export items to India in the nine months to late December included methanol at $116 million, ammonia at $99 million and sponge iron at $83 million, said the TCCIM as it added that pistachio exports had generated $72 million in revenues while toluene and urea shipments had reached $72 million and $55 million, respectively. Imports from India declined over the March-December period both in value and volume terms as shipments dropped 37% year on year to $1.05 billion for 0.935 million tons of goods, down 47% against the similar period in 2020, showed the figures. Rice remained Iran s top import item from India as the country purchased $220 million worth of rice shipments from India in the nine months to late December. That was followed by tea at $104 million and aluminum oxide at $101 million, said the TCCIM report. The report indicated that Iran s sugar imports from India had fallen considerably in March-December last year to only $30 million.