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Friday's Platform

Terrorism is an American industry

TNA - Beirut
Terrorism is an American industry
To Iran and Irak the attention of this Friday sermons was turned, the platform stressed that any weakening of any Islamic country is a weakening of the whole nation, and the fall of any Islamic country under economic pressure, will be an introduction to this weapon with the other states. 

The Clerics pointed out that ther is no security without political consensus, calling Iraqis to be peaceful as lon as the affairs of the Muslims are safe." Because the goal of terrorism in Iraq, is to drag the region into chaos and distraction.

In this context, Deputy Head of the Lebanese Shiia Supreme Council, cleric Abdul Amir Kabalan, urged the prevention of a Syrian bloodbath in his Friday sermon today.

While calling on Lebanese compatriots from all sects to coexist in a peaceful country, he urged the Syrian people to cast aside what he termed as "wanton killing." He urged them to do so in the true spirit of Islam. He however expressed disgruntlement at the Arab peace initiative saying their approach is too simplistic and myopic.

kabalan urged Lebanese compatriots to keep up their talk by constantly deliberating over matters of concern. He concluded that they must work hand-in-hand and shoulder-to-shoulder in quest of immunizing the country.

As for Sheikh Maher Hammoud, he thanked the Lebanese army and all security forces who attending directly and dismantle the bomb that was planted in Sidon (Southern Lebanon), the day before yesterday, calling to keep the "investigation open", considering that it is a message to Sidon to make a confusion of objectives, to serve the Israeli permanent enemy."

In his turn, Sayyed Ali Fadlallah addressed the Iraq, where "organs of the arrogant countries still active, and do not want stability in Iraq, to prevent the Iraqis of being united and build a strong and capable state, and remove all the effects of the U.S. occupation."

His Eminence also drew attention to the escalation of pressures against the Islamic Republic in Iran at the level of its currency and its economy, and even security, considering it a conspiracy seeking to weaken Iran in order to prevent any site of power and do not follow up its role in supporting the resistance forces that stand against the Zionist enemy. 

For his part, Sheikh Ahmed Kabalan appealed to the political leaders in Lebanon, to "calm and to deliberate at this difficult stage that require from everyone to stop the incitement of political and sectarian affiliation."

Kabalan warned Arab and Islamic peoples "everywhere in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Bahrain, by saying "Pay attention, wake up and read well the reality because you are targeted and your countries, beware of falling into strife, do not be dragged behind what is being plotted and arranged for you. 

On his part, Sheikh Afif al-Nabulsi saw that the region and Islam are exposed to "double-terrorism."

According to Sheikh Al-Nabulsi, the first objective of the terrorism that it is made by ​​the American occupation, is to blow the area in order to reach the chaos that serve America and "Israel" and their allies.
While the second objective is to push Muslims to fight among them.

In this context, Sheikh Nabulsi called Muslims and Arabs to the awareness and to unity.
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