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Friday's Platform

We are able to face the US and "Israeli tyranny

TNA - Beirut
The escalating "Israeli" threats against Iran, are desperate attempts to restore some lost balance in the entity's relationship to some Arab axes due to the impact of Arab revolutions
We are able to face the US and "Israeli tyranny

Arab initiative towards Syria and the positive attitude of its government were the main topic in this Friday platform, as preachers saw the agreement between the parties was presented to resolve the crisis in Syria, arguing that it left a popular and official comfort in the Arab and Muslim world.

On the other hand, the American policy towards human rights, when it strongly opposed the decision of UNESCO's admission for Palestine's membership in the international organization and to stop funding it, formed a central issue also in the Friday sermons today, and which the preachers considered a consecration of the crisis faced by the U.S. Administration

and not separated of the last "Israeli" threats to wage war and strike Iran.

Vice President of the Lebanese Higher Islamic Shiite Council, Sheikh Abdul Amir Kabalan saw in the Arab League initiative, a good start to show good faith, pointing out that as long as the Arab League is moving in this track, everyone must cooperate to resolve the crisis in Syria. On the other hand, His Eminence demanded the rulers of Bahrain to practice equity and fear of God, pointing out that kingdoms does not last, so they must deal with things gently and by literature according to what God's order.
His Eminence emphasized that what is happening against the people of Bahrain, is unjust and not accepted by the mind, particularly what is happening to
women in Bahrain, calling for King Abdullah to sponsor the reform process in Bahrain.
His Eminence also called the rulers of Yemen to stay away from misguidance and corruption.

In his turn, Sheikh Maher Hammoud considered that Palestine's gain for full UNESCO's membership is an important step towards the recognition of the Palestinian people and its heritage and culture, which contradicts the "Israeli" saying that Palestine "is a land without people for a people without a land".
He stressed on the need to continue the resistance until the final victory.
On the other hand, Sheikh Hamoud wondered why Muslims do not meet against the "Israeli" occupation in their pilgrimage ? Is the "Jihad" against
the occupier, a duty of Hajj or not? He asked.
His Eminence emphasized that today we are able to stand in the face of tyranny of the American and "Israeli occupation".

For his part, Sayyed Jaafar Fadlallah, hoped that the vulnerable states gather its strengths that enable them to shed in the face of the U.S. administration in particular, on the global decision issue.
He called to establish the recognition of all Palestinian rights.
"one of the most important factor in achieving this recognition, is the armed resistance of the Palestinian people in the face of the occupation." said His Eminence and Called to promote unity and cohesion of the internal Palestinian strategy in the context of the Great Liberation, to restore all the occupied
His Eminence drew to the escalating "Israeli" threats against Iran, which appears in the context of desperate attempts to restore some lost balance in the entity relationship to some Arab axes due to the impact of Arab revolutions, and called on Arab countries to be aware of falling into the American-Zionist trap that aim to strain relations between Arab countries and Iran, as well as buying silence of the Arabs regarding any bold aggression that may be done by the enemy entity with a coverage of the major countries.

Head of Hezbollah legitimate council, Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek hoped to stop the violence in Syria and to start the dialogue and reforms without any foreign intervention.
He pointed out that "Israel" continues its attacks on Gaza Strip and
violates the West Bank and Palestinian prisoners, as it threat of war on the Gaza Strip, and exercises maneuvers and takes decisions of building more settlement units beside the decisions to stop financing the UNESCO, as well as the USA did.
His Eminence stressed that this reveals that the Zionist mind controls the US Administration which is a terrorism exporter to the whole world.

For his part, Sheikh Mohammad Al-Zohbi considered that Turkey cannot be a leader in the Islamic world, if it did not carry the message of Islam in the face of the American project to bring down the global injustice.
His Eminence warned “Nahda” movement's official in Tunisia, Sheikh Abdul Fattah Moro, who accused the Islamic resistance in Lebanon of trying to affect Sunnites, explaining that Moro is far away from Lebanon and that this talk has no basis of truth, and wished not to contribute in sectarian strife.
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