Publish date21 Nov 2021 - 16:45
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Orphanages shut down amid worsening situation in Afghanistan

Before Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, 9,319 parentless children were looked after in orphanages. With the deteriorating economic situation, the number has shrunk to 5,753 and the rest were sent to their relatives.
Orphanages shut down amid worsening situation in Afghanistan
As the economic situation is worsening in Afghanistan, several orphanages have been closed and the circumstances are intensifying for the parentless children in the country.

There used to be 68 public and private orphanages in Afghanistan out of which 26 have been closed due to catastrophic situation during the recent months.

More orphanages are expected to be closed if they are not financially supported.

The majority of the children held in these orphanages do not have any relatives at all.

Water and electricity are cut off most of the time and the children are in very poor accommodation, sanitary and food situation.

Providing food, clothing, medicine, stationary and fuel have turned to major issues the orphanages are facing.

Taliban authorities, following takeover of the country, have visited the orphanages and promised to help though there has been no practical move in regards to improvement of the situation for the orphans.
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