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Global reactions to US-coalition strike on Syria:

Is Trump’s “Mission Accomplished”?

Different spots of Syria woke up on Saturday to dazzling light of US coalition missiles ahead. United States, United Kingdom and France invaded the country in its last efforts to liberate from Daesh terrorists. Saturday, which was going to be marked by people with Mabaath celebrations, revelation of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) became the day for the tripartite missile strike by Washington, London and Paris.
Is Trump’s “Mission Accomplished”?
The attack was launched under the pretext of retaliation for chemical attacks allegedly carried out by Syrian government on the people in Eastern Ghouta.
While western media claim that their missiles targeted chemical weapon programs in the Arab country, they have in fact hit scientific research centers one of them a cancer drugs production line.
World media, organizations and rights groups have reacted to the joint military attack. Following is a roundup of views and news in major news sources.

A short while after Russian-drafted resolution demanding probe into alleged chemical attack on Syria was failed US President Donald Trump issued the order for the attack on Saturday with before he tweeted the message “Mission Accomplished”.
Canada’s CTV  noted,”A perfectly executed strike,” Trump tweeted after U.S., French and British warplanes and ships launched more than 100 missiles nearly unopposed by Syrian air defences. "Could not have had a better result.
"Mission Accomplished!"

It continued with assimilating Trump’s choice of words with those associated with President George W Bush following the US-led invasion of Iraq when the then president addressed sailors aboard a Navy ship in May 2003 alongside a ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner.
It further noted that,” The U.S. ambassador in Moscow, John Huntsman, said in a video, "Before we took action, the United States communicated with" Russia to "reduce the danger of any Russian or civilian casualties.”

CTV in another story covered Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying, ”Canada was told in advance that the U.S., Britain and France were planning to launch airstrikes against Syria, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Saturday -- but was not asked to participate.”

"We were apprised in advance of the operation," Trudeau told reporters at the end of a three-day visit to Peru. "We were very supportive. And there was no request for Canada to join as part of that operation."

Earlier in the day, U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence thanked Canada for backing the strikes and explicitly singled Trudeau out for praise during his address to summit participants.

For his part, Trudeau described the airstrikes as "unfortunate, but necessary" to stop the Syrian government from launching further chemical-weapons attacks against civilians.

Bloomberg has reported U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May as a firm supporter of the strikes quoting her to say the government was right to order airstrikes against Syrian chemical weapons facilities, as opposition lawmakers complained about the lack of a parliamentary vote and accused her of being led by Donald Trump.

Prime Minister May has called an alleged chemical attack in Syria as deterring and barbaric and stressed, ”Britain, the U.S. and France needed to act quickly to send a clear message to Bashar Al-Assad’s regime that the use of chemical weapons won’t be tolerated, and to ensure the operation itself was a success.”

Despite oppositions by British Parliament , Prime Minister May has only said,” Parliament “will get an opportunity to question me”.

This is while the opposition Labour, Scottish National and Liberal Democrat parties all saying she was wrong to order the attack without consulting Parliament, and Labour and the SNP also condemning the attack itself, May will be lucky if she avoids a vote.

Bloomberg has provided a survey of the missile barrage on Syria in a story headed as “Syria Strike Puts Lockheed Martin's Stealthy New Missile to Test” to say, ”While Pentagon officials didn’t specifically single out the JASSMs performance in their briefing on Saturday, the "before" and "after" photos of the chemical-weapons facility provided by the Pentagon suggested they were effective.”

Aljazeera, in a story titled,”Is chemical inspectors' OPCW mission in Syria still relevant?” has referred to arrival of representatives of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in Damascus in order to conduct a so-called fact finding mission into an alleged chemical attack in Douma on April 7.
Aljazeera in another story has drawn comparison between Saturday’s US-led strikes on Syria and that of 2017.
Jonathan Cristol, a fellow at the World Policy Institute in New York City in an interview with Al Jazeera said that the US-led attack, in order to be successful, needs to be backed up with shrewd diplomacy expressing concern that “this is not really this administration's great strength.”

A certain violator of globally agreed agreements against production, distribution and use o f chemical weapons US President has said, "The purpose of our actions tonight is to establish a strong deterrent against the production, spread and use of chemical weapons,"
Huffington Post has echoed other officials and news outlets to say,” The strikes, led by the U.S., U.K. and France, targeted three facilities associated with Syria’s chemical weapons program”

Akbar Shahid Ahmed in his Haffington Post article has stressed “Trump’s Strike Won’t Serve Syrians Or The U.S.” and that ,” It’s unlikely to have much impact beyond that ― and will likely be historically judged as a failure on Trump’s own terms.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has said,” History pinned blame on US for ‘bloody carnage’ in Yugoslavia & Iraq, same will be with Syria.”

This unilateral military action has a devastating impact on the whole system of international relations” and only escalates the Syrian crisis instead of defusing it, the Russian president stated.

RT has reported that the area that allegedly came under attack has since been surrendered by the militants. The site was explored by Russian military specialists, who found no signs of chemical weapons use, victims of the purported incident or even locals, who heard about the “attack.”
Russian news outlet in another story has referred to global outcries against the US-led missile strike against Syria saying,” The US-led missile attack against Syria demonstrates Washington’s complete disregard for international law, and its timing, before a proper investigation was conducted, raises serious questions.”

Describing Saturday morning’s missile attack as illegal, Joe Lauria, an independent journalist and former Wall Street Journal correspondent, told RT that the strike was shocking – but not surprising.

They did not prove that they were acting under Article 51 of the UN Charter, which is self-defense – the US was not acting in self-defense,” Lauria told RT. “They did not get Security Council authorization, and the US Congress did not weigh in on this, so it’s illegal internationally and under US law.'

Former Pentagon security analyst F. Michael Maloof, said that the timing of the strikes clearly showed that the US and its western allies “didn’t really care” about a proper investigation into the April 7 incident. Finding out who is actually behind the alleged gas attack is “not really their motivation,”
UN News in an address to an emergency meeting of the Security Council on Saturday, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres cautioned against the crisis in Syria "spiraling out of control."

Speaking prior to the vote on the draft resolution, the Secretary-General urged countries to avoid actions that would escalate the situation in Syria and worsen the suffering of its people saying,”As Secretary-General of the United Nations, it is my duty to remind Member States that there is an obligation, particularly when dealing with matters of peace and security, to act consistently with the Charter of the United Nations and with international law in general,”
US Ambassador Nikki Haley defended the joint operation with France and the UK as ,” With yesterday’s military action, our message was crystal clear. The United States of America will not allow the Assad regime to continue to use chemical weapons.”

“Last night, we obliterated the major research facility that it used to assemble weapons of mass murder.” She said before it was found that the aforesaid center was a research center and a cancer drugs production line.

The decision to launch the missiles just hours before inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) were scheduled to begin a fact-finding mission at the site of the alleged gas attack in Douma on Saturday represents “quite an extraordinary moment” as described by Joe Lauria, an independent journalist and former Wall Street Journal correspondent, “though it not unusual as the United States has done this kind of thing before.”
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