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Closing Statement of the 31st International Islamic Unity Conf.

​The 31st edition of the Islamic Unity conference, in its closing ceremony, released final Statement in 26 articles.
Closing Statement of the 31st International Islamic Unity Conf.
The 31st edition of the Islamic Unity conference on the theme of "Unity and Requirements of Modern Islamic Civilization", in its closing ceremony, released its final Statement in 26 articles, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

The statement briefed on the ins and outs of the conference, the issued discussed and proposals given by the key speakers during the event. What follows here is the content of the released statement:

All praise belongs to Allah – the Lord of the Worlds, and May peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his pure holy progeny. By the Grace of God, the 31st International Islamic Unity Conference which had the theme “Unity and Requirements for a New Islamic Civilization” – which took place on the 16th to 18th of Rabi’ al-Awwal, 1439 Hijri, - with the presence of scholars, intellectuals, researchers, and activists, from 63 countries took place in Tehran.

The opening ceremony was initiated this year with the speech of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Dr. Rouhani, followed by the speech of Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought Ayatullah Muhsin Araki, who welcomed the respected guests, and thanked them for their presence. This was followed by speeches by respected personalities which covered a span of four general meetings, from the first until the third day. Likewise, seven specific commissions took place on topics, where various participants presented their opinions regarding a subject, in light of the general theme of the conference.

On the 2nd day of the conference, the guests were privileged to visit the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and benefited from his words of wisdom and practical advice, especially related to the current issues of the Islamic world. The discussions and conversations, as well as the exchange of opinions between scholars this year over the course of the various meetings, resulted in the following conclusions:

1. Beckoned to the capacity of the World of Islam to revive Islamic civilization according to the time requirementts, participants of conference emphasized that the new Islamic civilization is capable of presenting a plan to save humanity from its present sufferings.

2. Participants at the conference emphasized the need to confront the new US policy to declare Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel's capital and controlling Muslims' sanctities. Accordingly, the Islamic world needs a new Palestinian intifada which is suppported by all countries freedom seekers and defendent of human rights, as well as all political powers, and so on.

3. The establishment of an Islamic civilization means to revive an Islamic nation. A revival that would make the children of this nation connected like the different parts of a single body.  This is the true meaning of Islamic unity.

4. The revival of a civilization goes hand in hand with the revival of a culture, and the most important pillar of a culture is its relationship with the highest values. In this case, those values being God, and sowing the seeds of respect, self-esteem in the nation, especially within the youth.

5. The revival of a culture can prevent the youth of a nation from falling prey to extremism, Takfirism, and distance them from moral vices and carnal desires that the enemies have tried their best to popularize within our nations.

6. From the perspective of the scholars and intellectuals who participated in the conference, the first step towards a new Islamic civilization is faith, and the propagation of ethics, and strengthening the notions of Islamic values such as justice, equality, and enjoining good and prohibiting evil. This is because establishing a new Islamic civilization is not possible by giving mere caution and advises; rather it requires a serious effort and presenting a role model for one to follow. 

7. One of the obstacles that the Muslims face in regards to their growth is the Zionist regime which is portrayed as a reality that cannot be denied, and a force that cannot be defeated. The only solution to this cancerous tumor is by showing the victories that take place against it, and by emphasizing the death of Israel.

8. One of the major challenges that the growth of an Islamic civilization faces, is the cultural invasion from countries that wish to control the world. The only way to face them is to show them the real face of Islamic culture, which is through the weapons of wisdom and caution, by which one can tie the knot between tradition and modernity.

9. One of the weapons used by Western countries that wish to control the world is by working on the carnal desires of Muslims, particularly amongst the youth, through various mediums such as satellite channels. The way to combat this challenge is by organizing gatherings which involve the participation of psychologists, sociologists, intellectuals, and artists where this issue can be addressed.

10. The mediums used by the enemy have always tried to sow the seeds of humiliation and heedlessness within Islamic societies and to create a psyche of defeat. The way to combat this is by bringing together the various mediums that seek the truth, and by making use of scientific methodologies, universities, and cultural activists, so that the notions of respect and nobility can be brought back to the Islamic society. Thus, the participants wish to thank the union of the Radio Television of the Islamic World for their efforts in this regards.

11. America and the Zionist regime bears all responsibility for trying to humiliate the Muslims, and the havoc that exists today in order to show Quds and Masjid al-Aqsa as Jewish symbols are all part of the same plan. The only way to combat this is by uniting the voices of the Muslims in standing up against this new conspiracy.

12. A new Islamic civilization is able to erase the negative effects of a material civilization that the West has left as an inheritance for humanity. This is because an Islamic civilization is based on the pillars of human respect and nobility. This is while Western civilization easily steps on the respect of millions of humans for its own interests. 

13. An Islamic civilization respects all Divine religions, and believes that that basis of a relationship between different religions should be the verse: Come towards a common word between us and yourselves. This is while the Western civilization results in creating contradictions and tensions between different religions in society. 

14. The participants of the conference this year wish to seek help from the Qur’an, the Sunnah of the Prophet (p) and the lives of his Ahl al-Bayt (a), Islamic history, as well as the different practices of the Muslim nations – all of which help in researching how an Islamic civilization can grow.

15.  The participants of the conference wish to research into contemporary Arab, Iranian, Kurdish, Turkish, and Indian personalities, who have worked on the topic of civilization, and research their pros and cons. This research will assist in picking a path which will help the future of the Islamic nation.

16. The participants of the conference wish to research the progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of civilization, and as well as the causes of success of the project that began with Imam Khomeini with respects to the revival of an Islamic nation.

17. The scholars present in the conference believe that the victory of the Islamic world goes hand in hand with the strengthening of the notions of unity and integration of the Muslim nation. Likewise, they believe that the relationship between unity and the feeling of respect and hope in the future is a relationship that cannot be separated. 

18. From the perspective of the participants of this conference, the killing and devastation that some of the Islamic countries have faced, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, and likewise the terrorist activities that take place in the Islamic world, signify that there is a grand project which attempts to attack Islam and show it as evil. This project also attempts to take away any opportunities for growth and development of a civilization in the Islamic world.

19. Participants of the conference emphasized the role of women and family in the formation of a civilization, and considered their participation under the shadow of the jurisprudential Marja’iyyah a requirement.

20. Scholars and intellectuals who participated in this year’s conference wish to ask all those nations and movements that exist within the Islamic world who are assisting in bringing to life the goals of the imperialist and the Zionist Regime, and those who wish to waste opportunities of the Muslim nations, that they should stop assisting the enemies before they face the Divine Punishment of God through the hands of nations and noble people who are resisting them.

21. The participants of the 31st conference of Islamic Unity emphasized that the Islamic nation from its east to the west are all part of one civilization, and therefore all activists of the Islamic world should note that they should select a common method of dealing with the challenges that the Islamic nations face.  

22. The participants of the conference were grateful to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatullah Imam Khamenei, after taking note of his continuous emphasis on the relationship between unity and a new Islamic civilization, and as well as his emphasis on the movement of the Muslim nations on working on developing a new Islamic Civilization as being the greatest goal of these nations.

23. Participants of the conference all agreed that there should an organization should be formed, in order to deal with the formation of a new Islamic civilization, with the purpose of encouraging other organizations and universities to research into the concept of an Islamic civilization. All scholars and intellectuals showed their serious intent to contribute to this organization. 

24. Participants of the conference wish to form a committee in order to follow up on the conclusions of the conference, and welcome any suggestions and feedback with regards to the implementations of these conclusions. 

25. There was a separate meeting that took place in the conference with the presence of noble personalities, which resulted in the conclusion of forming a committee that would look into important matters pertaining to Islam; and in light of this a separate declaration was issued.

26. All participants of the conference were thankful to the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, for inviting them, for their hospitality, and for the well-organized conference. They pray to God that He (swt) grants them the opportunity for reviving an Islamic Civilization, because the revival of an Islamic Civilization will result in unity and love between all Muslims.

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