Publish date20 Sep 2021 - 14:13
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"Tragic mistake" or strategic lie? Why isn’t Washington responsive on civilian killings?

The US has admitted killing ten Afghan civilians in its latest drone attack on Kabul defining that a "tragic mistake" while Americans already knew they had killed civilians and kept on lying merely to evade criticisms.
"Tragic mistake" or strategic lie? Why isn’t Washington responsive on civilian killings?
Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., the United States Marine Corps general serving as the 14th commander of the United States Central Command said in his speech in the Pentagon:" I condole with the family and friends of those killed in this attack. It was a mistake and I offer my sincere apologies for that."
The confession came one month after the incident while the US Ministry of Defense hid its mistake behind a lie, in fact told a strategic lie in order to evade criticism amid the Kabul airport chaos.
Authorities at the US Ministry of Defense defended the precision in this attack and claimed that their drones had targeted a suicide bomber driving a vehicle towards Kabul international airport.
Although the US authorities have expressed regret over the attack the apology fails to hide the fact that US had never valued the lives of civilians during two decades of occupying Afghanistan.
Lives of Afghan civilians been totally neglected by the US forces during the two decades of occupying Afghanistan though the killing of civilians happened amid the US pullout of the country, when Afghanistan was in the focal point of the world attention; hence, Washington has been forced to admit and apologize for the attack.
The fact is that the US authorities have never thought of the civilian lives in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries though this time the world was itself watching the death of several Afghan civilians by US forces.
During the past two decades the US has launched over 90,000 airstrikes against Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan leading to death of more than 48,000 civilians.
The US has committed several crimes against humanity in the Middle East region.
The US has made use of fake information to launch all its invasions and crimes against humanity but since it was not pushed to provide an answer it continued its crimes.
Since the end of WWII to 2001, 284 military conflicts in 153 countries and regions have broken out with the United States beginning 201 (80 per cent) of them.
Since 2001, illegal military operations and wars begun by the United States have left more than 800,000 dead and tens of millions of people displaced while no international institution has ever demanded an answer from the United States and Washington never apologized over any of the massacres.
This is not the first case of killing the civilians by US drone attacks. In 2017 the American forces killed several Syrian civilians in a drone attack on Raqqa, defined as one of the most precise airstrikes.
In 2001, same year that the Americans were still in shock of the terrorist attack against the twin towers on 9/11, the then US Minister of Defense held a meeting in Pentagon, as the documents show, on how the US authorities blindly and hurriedly prepared to fill the cemeteries in Afghanistan and Iraq with the civilians.
This is while the majority of those injured or displaced in different Middle East countries have no relation with the 9/11 attacks. They were victims of violence merely because of Washington's war-mongering policies.
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