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On World Blood Donors Day:

“Whoever saves one saves mankind entirely”

Qur’an, holy book of Islam in verse 32 of Sura Maidah says: “whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely” then who can claim that blood donation is not among the ways to save a person?
“Whoever saves one saves mankind entirely”

June 14 in world calendar is the day to mark blood donation, raise awareness on importance of safe blood and also hail those who save lives by donating blood.
Natural disasters and emergency cases stand among the times when people across the globe rush to help with food stuff, clothes and the provisions necessary for daily life of those stricken. In nearly all of these emergencies one of the items announced to be needed the most is blood. We have witnessed several cases naming earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters when the people do not forget donating blood for those injured some might be fighting for life. 
Muslims have played a role in marking the event throughout the year. Islamic teachings highlight importance of helping each other and making sacrifices for the community one lives in.

Qur’an, holy book of Islam in verse 32 of Sura Maidah says: “whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely” then who can claim that blood donation is not among the ways to save a person?

One of the times blood donation is particularly marked among Muslims is Ramadan. Muslims mark Ramadan, 9th month in the Islamic lunar calendar with fasting, prayer and donations for those in need. Fasting Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from dusk to dawn, a time when one might be in lowest strength during the day though this has turned to a particular time for fasting Muslims to donate blood as a way of helping each other among many other ways the Almighty has called on man to contribute to his community.

Muharram is another period in Muslim lunar calendar when blood donation is especially observed. This is partly a move to follow the role model of Imam Hussein (AS), third Shia Imam who sacrificed his life and was martyred in the Battle of Karbala back in 630 AD. Muslims donate blood to voice their loyalty and love to the person who gave his blood and his life for his people.
Also another motivation for the blood donations during Muharram is to fight the misconception some extremists have brought about the Shia community, self-flagellation. Once one searches “Ashura” the majority of pictures are from the ceremony performed only among very few groups as part of their Muharram mourning ceremonies. If one can show his loyalty to someone with blood then why shouldn’t it be donation rather than creating scenes which might misrepresent the high ideology of Islam and third Shia Imam?

Muslims in some countries have launched blood donation campaigns in a bid to contribute to their community especially during the holy month of Muharram, prove their loyalty to the third Shia Imam and introduce the high Islamic teachings to a non-Muslim community.

At present though the new coronavirus pandemic has hit nearly all countries in five continents. Nearly five months have passed since the outbreak of the infection and most of the countries have announced restrictions for social activities and gatherings. This has faced the medical section with shortage of different blood groups and its products. The protective measures are observed by the people since, according to the medical section, the world will host the pandemic for the years to come. People have begun a new wave to donate blood for those in need amid a coronavirus pandemic when donors might avoid medical centers although the demand might rise.

Even in a time of emergency when the world is challenged by the pandemic infection and as the idea is under examination, some Iranian patients who have improved from the new coronavirus are donating their blood as possible medication for the patients.
Where there is care for each other and for the patients in need of blood, World Blood Donors Day is marked every day.

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