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On 31st anniversary of Imam Khomeini

A man with thoughts free from time and place barriers

The thoughts and existence of the Imam Khomeini was free from time and place barriers. He has left long-lasting impressions on the world history.
A man with thoughts free from time and place barriers
Millions of Iranians from across the country arrived for the burial of their mentor, leader and religious figure who had led their uprisings for nearly two decades until the topple of Pahlavi regime in 1979.

His body was laid in one of the biggest areas in the capital of Tehran for the public to bid farewell with their leader, where the present Musalla, praying hall of Imam Khomeini (RA) is located.
Yet the founder of Islamic revolution did not make his way to the hearts of merely Iranian nation as several leaders and international figures praised his charismatic character and countless people across the globe were inspired by his great uprising. Many have named Ayatollah Seyyed Rouhollah Khomeini (RA) as the inspiration for converting to Islam or even making such a great shift in their life to choose Iran as their new home.

As New York Times had reviewed an obituary on the late founder of Islamic Revolution, it had called Imam Khomeini as “A Man Who Shook the World” referring to his popularity among the people both in life and in death, his leading role in driving Mohammadreza Shah Pahlavi from the throne and also as the founder of “the world’s first and only Islamic republic governed by a religious political ideology.”
His high character was defined in terms of multiple charisma in firstly ascendance to the highest position of Shia authority and then the national political leadership.

Shakir Inayat Ali Akbar, the head of Islamic unity movement from Pakistan hailed the late leader of Islamic Revolution as a person who” introduced to the Muslim world and especially the oppressed people dynamic Islamic and revolutionary ideals” and also his role in defending the world of Islam when he said,” Imam with great moral excellence and resistance confronted all conspiracies and plots by Islam’s foes and the world arrogant powers. He called on the Muslims to get united and anti-Islamic powers were really scared by Imam’s initiative. Imam Khomeini is considered as Muslims assets and his though would continue to guide for generations.”

Addressing the Imam Khomeini, he said: Your valour and sacrifice is astonishing. You gave us a lesson; you introduced Islamic ideology to other countries. You sent a message of revolution to the whole world. Iran with its religious and people's power has the ability to foil all conspiracies.

Former President of the Soviet Union Michael Gorbachev said,” The thoughts and existence of the Imam Khomeini was free from time and place barriers. He has left long-lasting impressions on the world history. “

Though an enemy of the US policies, Imam Khomeini was also praised by top American figures like Henry Kissinger, US ex-minister of state as,” Ayatollah Khomeini, through a well thought-out plan, created crisis in the western world. He made plans with such a lightning speed that political analysts and leaders had no time to make counter-plans. Nobody could foresee the Imam Khomeini's decisions. His words and deeds differed from the standards prevailing in the world.”

Muslim leader of Iran’s 1979 revolution was defined by Bishop Capuchin, the arch-bishop of al-Aqsa Mosque as a leader who belonged not only to Iran but all deprived nations across the world, be they Muslims or non-Muslims.

As he was widely known for his thoughts on Muslim unity an Ex-mufti of the Al-Zahra University, Egypt had once called the then leader of Shia Islam as a true Muslim, “He is our Muslim brother. Despite belonging to different sects and schools of thought, Muslims are one another's brothers in religion and are moving forward shoulder to shoulder along with the Imam Khomeini under the umbrella of Islam.

Prominent Italian woman journalist Oryana Falasi was “deeply impressed” by Imam Khomeini in her very first meeting with the founder of Islamic Revolution and in her words” I was overwhelmed by his good qualities including patience and forbearance. God's blessings upon him were visible.”

On the last night of his 87 years of life and having had some surgeries, he recited Qur’an and prayed. That was the calm before the storm as the next morning found the country lamenting the passing of a great leader and the world recalling his life and high character for the years to come.
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