Publish date5 Jan 2020 - 16:38
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General Soleimani, a commander for all seasons

by: Aziz Shahmohamadi
General Soleimani remains the commander as far as confrontation with US strategies continues.
General Soleimani, a commander for all seasons
Like the Zionist regime of Israel and in an apparent instance of state terrorism, the US President ordered attack on the vehicle carrying Lieutenant General Qassim Soleimani and his companions. The attack martyred the prominent and popular commander of IRGC Quds Force, commander of Hashd al-Sha’abi and a number of their companions.
Donald Trump, in doing so, clearly announced the US opposition with peace and stability in the Middle East region, sovereignty of people in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has repeatedly quoted former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton on Washington masterminding Daesh. Now the US president, in assassination of Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, has practically filled in for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Like his predecessors, Trump is at full service of Daesh, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and tens of other major and minor terrorist groups funded by some Arab states.
Based on the indictment by the then US prosecutor in Nuremberg trials that sentenced Nazi leaders following the WWII, George Bush the junior, the US president at the time of Iraq war, Tony Blair, UK prime minister and John Bolton, US envoy to the United Nations were condemned of committing war crimes. Donald Trump in the same breath, by assassinating General Soleimani, has committed a war crime and crime against humanity.
Since Iraq war and Saddam Hussein invasion of Iran in early 1990s, the US green light to Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990 and occupation of Iraq in 2003, Zionist regime aggression on Lebanon in 2006, multi-national terrorist attack on Syria in 2011 and also UAE and Saudi-led attack on Yemen in 2014 were all in pursuit of the strategic and common aim; to vacuum spiritual and physical assets belonging to regional nations. In other words, since Saddam Hussein invasion of Iran to present, the US, Zionist regime of Israel, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates have pursued the same ambition. Undoubtedly, harsh approach towards Iran’s nuclear program; imposing inhumane economic, financial, industrial, banking and diplomatic sanctions against Iran were all in line with destruction and looting the natural resources, high capacities of Iran. Since the United States and Zionist regime of Israel are pursuing endless political objectives in confrontation with Islamic countries and Muslims, they should force the Muslim nations towards total and unconditional submission and the prerequisite to this total submission is to destroy the economic, political, military, industrial, financial, monetary and …other capacities. In a nutshell the United States and Zionist regime have been following ways to collapse “determination to defend and resist.” Interestingly enough the strike and assassination of General Soleimani has exactly been carried out in line with destroying the defense and humane asset of Iran and regional countries. General Soleimani was undoubtedly a trans-national defense asset.
For certain reasons, General Soleimani was a military genius, a perfect strategist and a rolemodel both in the office and the battlefield. He was a champion of fighting regular army of the Baath regime during Iraq war against Iran and also the Zionist regime attack on southern Lebanon in 2006, an unparalleled champion of fighting irregular forces.
In 75 years since WWII regular forces have gained almost no victory in combating irregular forces. French army in confrontation with irregular forces in Algiers, the path ending in independence of the country, French army fighting irregular forces in Vietnam, US army in confrontation with irregular Vietnam fighters, former Soviet armed forces in fighting Afghan warriors, Zionist regime army in combat against Hezbollah and eventually UAE and Saudi-led forces fighting in Yemen have made no achievements. It was only General Soleimani who fought and beat the utmost violent and irregular Daesh, al-Nusra and al-Qaeda fighters in Syria and Iraq.
General Soleimani was gifted with a natal genius in outlining the depth of battlefield. As a high ranking commander in the frontline, he could find the strategy for future operation only with a look at the outline of the opposite side. His leadership had a humanitarian nature considerate of the civilians harassed in the battle; hence, endeavored for minimum casualties and damages for them. A perfect role model of a kind, pacifist and popular warrior he was.
General Soleimani was fully aware of the US and Israeli strategic objectives based on eliminating the determination to defend and resist. Necessarily he employed his efforts and talents to strengthen Islamic nations and governments. On that note, his martyrdom is quite painstaking for his veteran fellows and companions though his leadership continues as far as the culture of martyrdom continues and the determination for defense exists. General Soleimani targeted strategies of the US and Zionist regime although the US targeted the commander himself. General Soleimani remains the commander as far as confrontation with US strategies continues.
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