Publish date17 Apr 2018 - 15:00
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On the wake of new US crime in Syria:

A collaboration of war crime and support for terrorism

By: Aziz Shahmohamadi
Donald Trump should be appreciated for he has unveiled and will unveil the true nature of so-called human rights, peace, counter-terrorism campaign and confrontation with weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East.
A collaboration of war crime and support for terrorism
In a tweet by US President, Donald Trump, who is seemingly on a mission to humiliate first the US army and then the diplomatic system in his country, has expressed gratitude for France and Britain in collaboration for strike against Syrian army and supporting Daeshi-Wahhabi terrorism stressing that the achievements could not be better, to quote him “Mission Accomplished”

Trump claims the results could not be better when 71 out of 103 US-coalition missiles were destroyed before they hit their target in Syria with some other intercepted mid-course. In fact Donald Trump tweet was congratulatory message to himself and his criminal administration in committing this war crime.
Trump has appointed John Bolton as his national security advisor, a war criminal according to both international criteria and American legal reasoning. In Nuremberg trials prosecuting
Nazi officers, American legal board argued that not only the row officers had committed war crimes and had to be tried over war crime charges but also officers who had provided the grounds for the war, supplying the necessary intelligence and reports, had to be tried under the same charges. Bolton, during US invasion of Iraq represented the United States of America in the United Nations and distorted the security assessments in an effort to push the United Nations Security Council to issue the orders for an invasion against Iraq under the pretext of confrontation with weapons of mass destruction. Although the United Nations Security Council did not issue the permission, Washington in a unilateral move and a joint intermediation with Britain, either by threats or temptation, won the collaboration by a number of countries to invade Iraq and created a tragedy whose repercussions are not to end even in future. Bolton is not only a war criminal but also the partner and ally to one of the most violent terrorist groups in the Middle East who has a heavily-laden criminal file in Iran and a political ally of the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein until his topple. Bolton is an advocate, in fact a non-formal member of Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) with a constantly reserved seat next to the chairman of the terrorist group in all its open and propaganda meetings.

Apparently enough a marriage of membership (no matter unofficial) of a terrorist organization and a record of war crimes
in a person, particularly when appointed as the national security of the US could not be less threatening for the people in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.
Collaboration of France and Britain in criminal attack on Syria happened when the west, which had organized a fake pretentious convention of 20 countries under the title of “Friends of Syria” to take measures against Syrian nation and government, in order to promote its intentions under the name of an international body, in the Saturday morning attack on Syria was joint merely by its constant allies.

United States, France and Britain have been partners in Saddam invasion on Iran, Israel atrocities on Lebanon, crimes committed in Iraq and eventually in whatever presently going on in Yemen. For instance, the military and satellite intelligence used by Saudi Arabia against Yemen is supplied by the US. The US is in charge of fueling and military maintenance of Saudi warplanes. American and European weapons, media and the veto right of these countries are at full service of Saudi petrodollars.

The ‘milking’ quote by Trump might sound funny at first though the US President, in the most apparent wording, has degraded Saudi government to a cow and the US army to a mercenary
force at the service of dollars. A formal army stands in a distinguished position from that of a mercenary when it serves the interests of a country, its troops are taken as captive and when killed they turn into national heroes while a mercenary represents no honor not being able to bring any pride originally. Trump in humiliating the US army and degrading his country’s armed forces to dollar-oriented troops, let’s define that Saudi-dollar-oriented forces, has by himself strangled and buried all US and European claims on human rights, pro-democracy policies, counter-terrorism and opposition with weapons of mass destruction. Donald Trump, solely, revealed to the world the true function of the United Nations Security Council and it’s cheque-holding Secretary General (as a photo emerged of Saudi crown prince giving a cheque to the Secretary General of the United Nations has drawn much criticism).

Although the invasion by the US and its allies on Syria had no value militarily leaving no influence on the field equations in the war-torn Arab country, Donald Trump should be appreciated for he has unveiled and will unveil the true nature of so-called human rights, peace, counter-terrorism campaign and confrontation with weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East.
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