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Lebanese Maronite Patriarch

Christians of the East to work with Muslims

TNA - Beirut
Delegation of Najaf scholars met Rahi
Christians of the East to work with Muslims
Lebanese Maronite Patriarch Mar Beshara Boutros Rahi held Friday Epiphany Mass at Bkirky, calling upon Christians of the East to work together with Muslims to build a democratic civil state based on true Arab Spring rather than an imported one.

"Religious fundamentalism is transforming the spring to a winter of violence and terror," said Rahi.

On a domestic level, the Patriarch hoped for politicians that did not separate between their duties towards the State and God, "and commit to the cause of peace, human rights and human dignity."

Rahi stated that Lebanon was composed of two cultures, the Muslim and the Christian one, and built on equal and just sharing of power and responsibilities. Thus, he urged all Lebanese to work together for a civil state.

In a related context, Patriarch Rahi received Thursday a delegation of Najaf scholars on the occasion of nominating Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf as the capital of Islamic culture for 2012.

The delegation was headed by Sheikh Ali Mirza who invited Rahi to take part in Najaf International Day conference to be held in few months at Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf.

Sheikh Mirza hoped peace reigns over Lebanon and Iraq as well as over all countries going through unrest. 

House Speaker Nabih Berri was awarded on Thursday the Grand Cross medal by the head of the Maronite General Council Wadih Khazen, who himself presented the medal noting that it is the highest medal that could be awarded to senior officials or religious figures.
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