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Ashura Platform in Lebanon

Opposition to the "safety zones" in Syria

TNA - Beirut
Special Khamena'i representative to Lebanon cleric Muhammad Yazbek expressed vehement opposition to the establishment of "safety zones" in Syria.
Opposition to the "safety zones" in Syria
The senior Hizbullah cleric dubbed any safety zones detrimental to Arabs and Syrians alike. Yazbek told a Hirmel Ashoura lamentation Council that the zones were an American invention with the sole purpose of fragmenting the region and safeguarding Israel.

He reiterated Iran/Hizbullah consent for reforms, halting of bloodshed and resuming dialogue between the Syrian regime and opposition with the objective of keeping Syria's rebuilding in sight.

In his turn, Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah said during an Ashoura council in Baalbek Sunday that the upcoming phase will witness a number of transgressions by US and Israeli enemy, after both suffered continuous losses in the region, starting from July war of 2006 up till failed Syrian uprising.

On Friday Hezbollah discovered a spying device attempting espionage on their telecommunication network in Srifa and Deir Kifa towns in South Lebanon. An Israeli aerial combat plane launched a strike on the equipment after it became evident it has been uncovered.

Sheikh Naiim Qassem wondered why pro-Hariri March 14 Camp and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon did not condemn the Israeli breach of Lebanese sovereignty. "The upcoming months will witness further infringements in the region," asserted Qassem. He accused the US administration of causing the Syrian uprising attempting to topple rule of Bashar Assad. "When they failed in causing a coup in a week or two, they turned to Arab countries to aid them in furthering the crisis."

The Sheikh asserted that Hezbollah was adamant on building a strong country with strong administration that catered for the needs of citizens.

In a related contexte, Head of the Hizbullah parliamentarian Bloc MP Muhammad Raad referred to oppositionists whom he termed as "certain Lebanese accomplices whose main concern is the tightening of the noose on his party in a bid of returning to power."

Raad's remark came on the ٨th day of Ashoura lamentations in the Western Beqaa village of Souhmor. He accused them of striving to control the country by resorting to tactics identical to those used by anti-regime oppositionists in Syria. The MP added that his party would back Asad in liberating the Golan through jihad rather than negotiations by a handful of conspirators."

The deputy professed a failed looming plot thanks to his party's vigilance and confrontational ability. His party's tidal wave would eventually sweep them all and that for the time being all attention must remain focused on Israelis and Americans Raad concluded.
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