Publish date29 Nov 2011 - 19:14
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Lebanese Parties

Lebanon supports Syria against Conspiracy

TNA - Beirut
Lebanon supports Syria against Conspiracy
The Coordination Committee in the Gathering of Lebanese National Parties condemned the Arab League decision on imposing economic sanctions on Syria, in an unprecedented move against a founding member.

In a statement following the meeting, the Committee said that the restoration of stability to Syria won't be accomplished unless the Arab League pressures the parties involved in funding the terrorist groups in Syria to sever their funding.

The statement added that Syria can confront and foil the goals of such sanctions due to its coherent internal fabric and independent economic decision, calling upon the Arab League to stop its gross mistakes against Syria and reconsider all unjust decisions and recommendations against it.

Sheikh Nabil Kaouk, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Council of Hezbollah, said that targeting Syria is a continuation of the goals of July war 2006 against Lebanon, which constituted a resounding defeat to the Israeli enemy.

In a statement on Monday, Kaouk said that targeting Syria was met with diplomatic fiasco, indicating that some Arab countries are claiming respect of the Syrian people's rights to protest while denying this right to their own citizens and dispatching Arab armies to Bahrain to quell the protests.

For his part, Chairman of the Lebanese Union Party Abdul Rahim Murad said that Syria has overcome the crisis and foiled the Western scheme due to the awareness of the Syrian people
During his meeting with a delegation from the Freedom Convoy of Syrian mothers headed by Father Rafi Halawe, Murad said that Syria is targeted in an attempt to undermine its stances and role in the region.
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