Publish date17 Nov 2011 - 11:48
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Lebanon rejection to the Arab League's call

Lebanon defend His stance next to Syria

TNA - Beirut
Lebanon defend His stance next to Syria
Lebanese Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud said that the decision of Foreign Affairs Minister had been adopted in cooperation with the Lebanese President and Premier.

Foreign and Expatriates Minister Adnan Mansour had uttered rejection to the Arab League's call to impose sanctions on Syria and criticized such a decision deeming Syria a major founding State in the League.

In his turn, MP Simon Abi Ramiya said Wednesday that Minister Adnan Mansour stance embodies consensus between President and Premier.

Decision of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister is in no way unilateral, Abi Ramiya told Voice of Lebanon - Freedom and Dignity - radio.

The MP deemed time as necessary when dealing with the Arab League decision.
"We shall wait to see if Arab unanimity would remain stable over what is happening in Syria," he said.

"Syria is not Libya, President Bashar Assad is not Gaddafi nor is he Moubarak," he said noting that half of the Syrian people do support Assad. 

Also Deputy Amine Wehbe said that the Arab position is evolving gradually and is heading towards more sanctions and escalation against the regime in Damascus.

Wehbe stressed that more isolation would be imposed on the Syrian regime although he is convinced that the resistance of the Syrian people is the basic factor in this escalation.

He added on Wednesday to "Sharq" radio that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) refused to convene urgent Arab summit to end the maneuvers of the Syrian regime which is killing its citizens.

"The Arab states intend to escalate the pressure on the regime to fulfill the Syrian people hopes and stop killing and violence", the MP confirmed.
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