Publish date5 Nov 2011 - 18:09
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head of the Loyalty to Resistance Lebanese Bloc

'Israel's menaces of war against Iran are not true

TNA - Beirut
Lebanese Deputy Muhammad Raad, head of the Loyalty to Resistance Bloc, said "the Israeli enemy is suffering interior and economic problems and a state of unbalance in deciding its policies".

Raad explained 'Israel's menaces of setting war against Iran are not true as "Israel" is sustaining the worst times ever. Hence, any idiocy of launching a war will not enable Israel to hold its breath and preserve its presence, Raad concluded. 

head of the Loyalty to Resistance Bloc considered that "everything that is going on in Lebanon and the region is aimed at targeting the resistance process as it managed to turn the tide of Western arrogant tyranny on our region."

In his speech Friday, Raad stressed that "all the events target the path of the resistance because it disrupted the enemy's power."

He added that ""Israel" will not wage a new war against Lebanon not because of its nobility, ethics, or being committed to international resolutions but because it cannot guarantee its success."

"The "Israeli" enemy knows that the reaction to any folly of attacking Iran will not allow it to breathe to save its existence," he confirmed.

Commenting on the Syrian developments, Raad also hailed "the Syrian regime's response to the Arab League's initiative," noting that "it shows that the reform agenda will be adopted by the Syrian regime."

At another level, the MP also condemned the US decision to cut its UNESCO funding after a majority of member states defied US and "Israeli" threats and voted to allow jubilant Palestinians full membership in the organization.

"If the US does not commit to international obligations, let us call for boycotting and imposing sanctions on it," he said.

Expressing surprise that "the international community would impose sanctions on Lebanon if it does not fund the Special Tribunal for Lebanon," Raad wondered why "it cannot do the same with the US."
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