Publish date11 Oct 2011 - 19:04
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Condolences to the Syrian Mufti

Lebanon and Syria share a common destiny

TNA - Beirut - A delegation from the Popular Organization of Nasser visited Syria, and offered condolences to the Mufti of the Syrian Arab Republic Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Badr Eddin Hassoun, on the martyrdom of his son.
Lebanon and Syria share a common destiny
The delegation delivered a letter to Mufti Hassoun from Dr. Osama Saad that include condolences and directing thoughts and wishful thinking than Syria will go out the crisis in the near future.

In this context, a delegation from a "Muslim scholars Assembly" headed by Sheikh Hassan Abdullah visited Damascus and offered condolences for the martyrdom of the son of Grand Mufti of Syria, and confirmed during the visit on the following addresses:
First, the relationship between Lebanon and Syria is not just a neighborly relationship but a relationship of two countries of a single nation, who are together on a common destiny and cause.

Second, the method of assassination in this horrible way, is not from Islam and asserts that those who carried out this act do not belong to this religion, but belong to a Western will that want all the bad to our nation.

Third, taking Syria toward civil war and chaos is the goal of America, which is working to protect the Zionist entity from the risk of extinction, in which Syria plays a key role as the only country in the Arab region that still reluctant and resisting arrogant domination.
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