Publish date25 Nov 2022 - 15:04
Story Code : 574487

Israel imposes closure on Jenin and blocks movement of goods

The Israeli army imposed a closure on the city of Jenin in the occupied West Bank at dawn Thursday morning, preventing the movement of goods and commodities "until further notice", Wafa has reported.
The closure reflects the tension witnessed in Jenin in recent hours, especially since Palestinian gunmen withheld the body of an Israeli youth two days ago after he was killed in a traffic accident, assuming that he was a soldier in the Israeli army.
Israeli media outlets confirmed that the body of the youth was handed over to the Israeli Civil Administration after talks conducted by the Palestinian Authority and mediated by the UN.
Earlier, the official Palestinian radio station reported that Palestinian gunmen were holding the youth's body in the Jenin refugee camp, demanding the "release of the bodies of martyrs" being held by Israel.
Meanwhile, a strike prevails in Nablus and the surrounding areas in the northern West Bank today, in mourning for the three Palestinians who were martyred by Israelis on Wednesday.
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