Publish date3 Oct 2022 - 16:10
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Ant-Iran media orchestrating provocative actions, encouraging violence

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added: "These so-called media are the workshop of lies, and a provocative operation room."
Ant-Iran media orchestrating provocative actions, encouraging violence
"By encouraging violence, promoting murder, inciting to attack public properties, educational centers, making Molotov cocktails and encouraging people to attack state buildings, they have been turned into a tool for instability," Kanaani underscored.
The spokesperson said: "These are not media, but they are a center for promoting violence, and their activities are not compatible not only with the laws of the host country but also with international customs."
He pointed to the extensive news coverage of the riots in Iran by these television channels, especially the London-based IRAN INTERNATIONAL, which is said to be financially supported by the Saudis, and said: "Iran has given a serious warning to the countries where these media are located and also the countries that financially support these media."
"We announced that we would use our legal and political capacities against these TV channels that promote terrorism," the spokesman noted.

He added: We have taken the initial measures and, God willing, we will follow them soon.
The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman elsewhere noted anti-revolution groups resorted to unethical methods to create insecurity while attacking diplomatic places and embassies.

Kanaani said about the attack on Iranian embassies in other countries: "After the recent developments in some European countries, some of our embassies have been attacked by groups and people belonging to anti-revolution movements and violent groups."
"In some countries, as a result of the lack of adequate protection and lack of initial attention by the security forces, the attackers managed to attack some of our agencies, especially in the premises and outside of the agencies, and some parts of the agency were attacked," he added.
The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman underlined that according to the Vienna Convention, host countries are obliged to protect diplomatic places and said: "We protested to the host countries."
"The unfortunate point is that some people in these countries resorted to the most violent methods as a political protest, in addition to attacking diplomatic places, they even tried to influence the normal activities of some of our embassies by threatening the diplomats with unethical methods, creating an atmosphere of insecurity," Kanaani highlighted.
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