Publish date2 Oct 2022 - 21:41
Story Code : 567439

Heads of 3 branches of power call for restoring calm

Appreciating the insightful people of Iran, the heads of the branches of power called for the intelligent and serious role of the responsible institutions in order to calm the country, fight riots and protect public order and security.
Heads of 3 branches of power call for restoring calm
The heads of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government emphasized the necessity of recognizing and explaining the conspiracies of anti-Iranians and enemies of the Islamic Revolution by the media and elites.
They appreciated the honorable people of Iran who, with their insight, have thwarted the complex and multi-layered planning of the enemies to create a crisis in the country so far.
In this meeting, the protection of people's life and property as well as keeping the order and security of the society was emphasized as one of the serious duties of the governance system, and in this regard, all responsible institutions were commissioned to perform their duties to protect by being active and closely monitoring the developments to provide peace and security to the community.
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