Publish date28 Jun 2022 - 12:42
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Leader of Qaeda-affiliate militant group in Idlib

A senior leader of militant group affiliated with al-Qaeda has been killed in Syria’s Idlib, US military claimed on Monday.
Leader of Qaeda-affiliate militant group in Idlib
The US military claimed on Monday that the country carried out a raid in Syria's Idlib province on Monday that targeted a senior leader of an Al-Qaeda aligned militant group, Reuters reported.

The strikes targeted Abu Hamzah al Yemeni, a "senior leader" of Al Qaeda-aligned Hurras al-Din, while he was traveling alone on a motorcycle, the US military statement claimed.

It added that an initial review did not indicate civilian casualties.

The Syrian Civil Defence, a humanitarian organization, said in a tweet that a man was killed shortly before midnight after his motorcycle was targeted with two rockets, adding it has transferred the body to the forensic department in Idlib city.
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