Publish date24 Jun 2022 - 12:50
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Yemeni envoy hails Iran's aid in hard time

Yemen's envoy to Iran lauds Tehran's aid to the country.
Yemeni envoy hails Iran

In a scientific conference on Shia sects studies held in Jondi Shapour University, Khuzestan province, on Thursday, Al-Dailami called the Islamic Republic and Yemen, the symbols of the realization of the Prophet Muhammed pure Islam and hailed Imam Khomeini who "raised the flag of Islam and resisted global arrogance".  

The envoy said Ansarallah is the symbol of Yemeni resistance and is the leader and the flag bearer of the uprising.
Referring to signing a memorandum of understanding between San'aa and Dezful as twin cities, Al-Dailami said, "We hope the MoU will pave a way for the exchange of cultures, causes and the beliefs between the two cities and will cause a new movement for other cities."
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