Publish date28 May 2022 - 20:48
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Iran censures Western double standards vis-a-vis sports, human rights

Criticizing the unilateral cancellation of Iran's football match with Canada, the spokesman for the Iranian Administration Ali Bahadori-Jahromi has stated that Westerners have given priority to politics over sports and human rights.
Iran censures Western double standards vis-a-vis sports, human rights
 Ali Bahadori-Jahromi, the spokesman for the Iranian Administration, wrote in a note that the match between the Iranian national football team and Canada was canceled, the Russian athletes banned from various sports and the Paris Saint-Germain player "Idrissa Gana" was banned for not attending the match in the support of homosexuals by the President of France and the ethics committee of the French Football Federation are examples of the influence of politics on sport while claiming freedom and denying politics in sport.
Bahadori-Jahromi stated that these actions are being taken while similar actions are not being taken against other countries that started the war or even countries accused of genocide and other terrorist acts.
The Iranian Administration spokesman added that Western human rights are not based on sound anthropological and epistemological foundations, adding that human rights have been politicized rather than empowered.
Western countries, which are among the biggest human rights violators in the world, have double standards on human rights.
In order to escape the response of the people of their country and the public opinion of the world, they always question the human rights situation in the countries that oppose Western domination.
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